Bulk In-fill Consolidation (Grouting)

Consolidation of abandoned mine workings, sewers, adits is achieved utilising Grouting applications, this can also be used for ground water control and superficial stability. Mixed grout is supplied to the holes utilising variable control high volume peristatic grout pumps of various sizes and delivered to the holes using rubber or alkethene pipework.

Grout is then injected to the mineworking’s via plastic polyduct, or steel casing depending on depth and specification. The casing is drilled into rock across the area to be treated. Grout used for projects can vary between mixtures of cement, PFA, Sand, cement bentonite or chemical grout – is dictated by ground conditions.

Our Grouting Fleet

  • 2 stage electric mixers, volumetric mixers, and colloidal mixers of various output capacities.
  • Variable controlled positive displacement grout pumping equipment.
  • Digitally controlled horizontal silos with calibrated weighted output.
  • Grout delivery options, for example: end of casing, tremmie and pressurised.
  • Agitators available from 1m³ and up to 10m³, both electric and hydraulic options.
  • Flow, bleed, and cube quality assurance carried out as standard.
  • Controlled pressure testing for both pressurised infill and validation testing.
Grouting Services

Specialised Grouting

On request we are also able to supply various specialised grouting procedures to artificially consolidate different features such as superficial granular deposits, sewers, and tunnels. These works can be carried out using normal grout mixes or foamed grout accelerants and expanding additives.

Shafts and Adits (Mine Entry Consolidation)

The difference between Shafts and Adits, which can simply be described as follows: A shaft is an entry accessing the target feature vertically and an adit is an angled roadway accessing from surface to the target seam.

Location of Mine Entries, Carried Out by Probe Drilling Grids, Trial Trenching and Rock Head Excavations

  • Mobilisation and construction of internally designed shaft safety platforms, available from 6m to 18m in length (longer platforms on request).
  • Full safety measures including trained operatives in fall arrest and safety lanyard systems.
  • Possession of calibrated harnesses and Ayrshire reel systems.
  • Full Depth Treatment of Shafts.
  • Borehole diameters available from 88.9mm to 150mm.
  • Grout and granular backfill options.
  • Calibrated gas monitoring equipment.

Adit Consolidation

  • Locating of adits via spaced probe lines to define the extents of the side walls.
  • Further probing to locate the adit mouth.
  • Treatment holes drilled to pavement on the same projection as the adit.
  • Granular and concrete plug options available.

Capping and Other Surface Safety Options

  • Construction of re-enforced Shaft Cap including Excavation (to rock or competent material), Blinding Layer of Concrete, supply and erection of steel cage, Concrete Shuttering, and final Concrete pour.
  • Concrete plugs to accommodate areas of lesser risk, by bulk filling excavation with concrete.
  • Geotextile Netting options available on request.
  • Compaction back fill to existing ground level with competent materials.